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How to Fix Quickbooks Error 5502?

When you have been using a product or software for a period of time, you are bound to notice some defects or abnormality with it. And these errors or problem are inevitable and they are destined to surface some day or the other. And just like that, with QuickBooks, you will also perceive certain errors with time. And one such error is the error code 5502. This error will manifest when you are trying to store data in your account. You will find a message along with the code that reads ‘sync not completed’ properly. And this error is caused when you are trying to modify some QuickBooks company file information, issues with online services or maybe issues created by some third party application. This error will compel you to put a halt to your work as it requires immediate attention and resolve. So if you are looking for a solution for this problem, you can stick with this blog or, you can call the executives at QuickBooks customer support to Fix Quickbooks Error 5502 avail the same help and solution but from certified employees.

To combat this problem you can try either one of the two solutions that have been provided below. You can either choose to resolve it by renaming the QuickBooks.ND file or by creating a new folder and copying the company file.

Solution 1: rename the QuickBooks.ND file.

·         First, you need to open the folder containing the company file.

·         Now look for a file with an .ND extension and right click on it to ‘rename’ the file.

·         While renaming it, end the file name with ‘.OLD’.

·         And if you are trying to open the file over a network, you can use the QuickBooks Database Server.

Solution 2: try to create a new folder and copy the file.

·         You must create a folder in the C drive, then copy the file to that folder.

·         Now rename the QMB file and don’t forget to change its extension.

·         After that, save all the files to the folder and also open QuickBooks and restore the portable files.

·         If the .QBB files aren’t responding or opening, you have to rename it and restore all the backup files.

·         Even after this, if you still can’t open the file then rename the .QBX file and install the latest update or version of the Sync

If you are able to resolve the error using these two methods you can resume your work normally. But if the error still remains, you need to contact Troubleshooting Quickbooks Error 5502.


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